EJ's Drink Menu

We have something for everyone to enjoy.

Winter Favorites

EJ’s Magic Coffee
Piping hot coffee poured over Kahlua, Baileys and chocolate

Peppermint Patty
Hot chocolate poured over peppermint schnapps

Starbucks Creamy
Starbucks cream liquor poured over coffee or hot chocolate

Café Theatre
Baileys, amaretto and white crème de cacao with coffee

Can’t Wait till Summer

Electric Lemonade
Blue Curacao and vodka mixed with sweet and sour and topped with sprite

Lynchburg Lemonade
Jack Daniels and triple sec mixed with sweet and sour and topped with Sprite

Alabama Slamma
Southern Comfort and amaretto mixed with pineapple and orange juice and topped with grenadine

Sex on the Beach
Malibu and peach schnapps mixed with orange and pineapple juice topped with grenadine and cream

Lightening Bug
Malibu, banana and melon schnapps mixed with sweet and sour and pineapple juice

Bahama Mama
Malibu, Rum, and banana schnapps mixed with pineapple juice, orange juice and grenadine

Bull Dog
Kahlua and vodka topped with Coke and cream

I Scream For Ice Cream

Kahlua, Baileys and vodka blended with ice cream and put in a glass swirled with chocolate

Green crème de menthe and white crème de cacao blended with ice cream

Strawberry Shortcake
Amaretto, vanilla extract and strawberries blended with ice cream


Pinot Grigio
White Zinfandel

Frozen Concoctions

EJ’s Margarita
Tequila, triple sec and margarita mix served on the rocks or blended
add a flavor- Strawberry, Melon or Chambord

Strawberry Daiquiri
Rum and triple sec blended with strawberries and sweet and sour

Blue Pina Colada
Rum and peach schnapps blended with pina colada mix and topped with blue curacao

Strawberry Pina Colada
Strawberries and rum blended with pina colada mix

Top Shelf Margarita
Jose Cuervo tequila, Grand Marnier orange liquor and Cointreau mixed with margarita mix served on the rock

Long Island Ice Teas

With Cranberry juice and Sprite

With pineapple and orange juice and grenadine

With melon liquor and Sprite

Sweet Tart
With grape juice and blue curacao

With grapefruit juice

Purple Rain
With grape juice and sprite

With pineapple juice

With orange juice

With peach schnapps and orange juice

With strawberries and sprite

With Malibu and cranberry juice

With grape and apple Pucker and raspberry

Tap Beer

25 oz Domestic tap | 16 oz Domestic Tap
Miller Light
Coors Light Bud Light
Michelob Golden Light Budweiser

25 oz Specialty Tap | 16 oz Specialty Tap
Leinenkugel Honey Weiss
Michelob Amber Bock

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Non – Alcoholic

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